A Little Louder Episode 52: From Eviction Courts to the Capitol (Part 2)

A Little Louder is back to talk about the latest in housing from the 88th Session.

Texas Housers has been tracking a number of specific bills at the 2023 Texas Legislature that directly impact those who interface with the eviction process. Jessica Vittorio, managing attorney at the Dallas Eviction Advocacy Center, has a unique perspective as someone who both works in Justice of the Peace courts as well as at the Texas Legislature to bring balance and equity for tenants in the eviction process.

In this episode, we are talking about proposed legislation that could preempt and damage great strides made locally here in Texas, as well as other more positive opportunities to give renters in this state rights that are enjoyed almost everywhere else in our country.

Follow housing bills on our website: https://texashousers.org/lege23/

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