‘An Eviction Crisis In Texas’ summarizes what low-income renters face in a simple handout

During the pandemic, rental assistance programs and temporary protections stabilized renter households facing economic challenges in our state. However, as soon as these resources disappeared, eviction cases rose to higher numbers than prior to the pandemic.

Similar to our previous handouts on workforce housing myths, housing choice vouchers, and LIHTC in Texas, our research team at Texas Housers has created a new document to simply describe eviction trends in the state of Texas. ‘An Eviction Crisis In Texas’ illustrates the deep need for protection and resources for low-income renters.

The Texas Legislature in its 88th session has an opportunity to lock in some of the temporary mechanisms that prove to be successful at keeping low-income renters stably housed during the pandemic. Texas Housers calls on the State of Texas to act on this opportunity and prioritize renter stability in the current legislative session by replenishing the Texas Rent Relief fund, providing funding for the construction of affordable housing, and protecting the rights of tenants facing eviction. 

Take a look at our handout, ‘An Eviction Crisis In Texas’, below:

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