An interesting new, on-line look at Texas poverty

The College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin has unveiled a very useful and interesting way to learn about Texas government on-line called Texas Politics. The website is described as a “Multimedia Textbook.”

One beta section offers an overview of poverty in Texas.

There is a useful section on colonias within the poverty area that features a couple videos of TxLIHIS co-director Karen Paup discussing the origins and general characteristics of colonias and the basic geographical and financial difficulties confronting colonia residents.

Also of interest in the poverty section are interviews about the nature of poverty in Texas with Eva Luna de Castro of the Center for Public Policy Priorities, who describes wage conditions and some reasons for low wages in Texas. Francis Deviney, also of the Center for Public Policy Priorities, discusses how poverty is defined in Texas and argues for a structural understanding of poverty.

University of Texas Social Work Professor Laura Lein, discusses in a video how poverty exists in multiple dimensions in Texas.

The poverty related videos can be accessed on the Texas Politics poverty section’s multimedia page.