City of Dallas signs Fair Housing conciliation agreement with HUD

Today the City of Dallas signed a Fair Housing conciliation agreement with HUD.

Click to access dallas-hud-executed-vca.pdf

Major provisions include:

  • The City shall continue to develop InspireDallas (also known as “Housing Plus”), a planning effort that was initiated subsequent to the issuance of HUD findings of Fair Housing violations. InspireDa!las will develop an organized plan for the City to provide affordable and assisted housing in new areas of opportunity while improving conditions in communities where affordable and assisted housing opportunities currently exist.
  • The City Manager and City Attorney will fonnally introduce to the Dallas city council for a public meeting and adoption an ordinance prohibiting source of income discrimination, including discrimination against Housing Choice Voucher holders.
  • The City shall work with adjoining County and city govemment representatives and public housing officials, and the North Central Texas Council of Govemments, State Housing representatives and housing advocates, to develop a 10-year regional housing plan to provide affordable and assisted housing opportunities throughout the Dallas metropolitan area.
  • Within one year from the effective date of this Agreement, the City shall convene a symposium to continue discussion of regional planning activities for fair housing purposes, including the siting of affordable housing.


  1. This is all you got, John? Just regurgitation of a few bullet points. How about some opinion on the fact that HUD and Bryan Greene sold minorities down the river?

  2. I am withholding judgement until I see how the city follows through on the HousingFirst plan. I think there are people in the city working on that plan who finally get that they cannot continue to stack all the affordable housing in South Dallas. That said, I agree this is not one of the great moments in fair housing enforcement by HUD.

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