Join us for a webinar on mapping in fair housing and environmental justice

On Wednesday, May 27, our co-director John Henneberger and fair housing planner Charlie Duncan will participate in a Mapchat, the free webinar series put on by PolicyMap. The webinar, “Mapping the Way to Fair Housing and Environmental Justice,” will be a conversation about how maps can be a powerful tool in fair housing advocacy.

Charlie’s work at TxLIHIS centers on understanding and representing neighborhood conditions through detailed mapping. For example, the map below shows environmentally hazardous sites in the Houston area – and notes how these sites are predominantly concentrated in minority neighborhoods (the area outlined in black is the majority white part of Houston we call “The Arrow”). This kind of analysis assists our partners in Houston, the community leaders at Texas Organizing Project, as they push for local policies to address racial and environmental inequalities.


The Mapchat starts at 2 p.m. Central time on the 27th. You can sign up to participate, with the option to submit a story about your own experience with mapping and community development or ask John and Charlie a question.