10th Street’s struggle for historic neighborhood preservation and inclusive growth

In episode 7 of our podcast, A Little Louder, Texas Housers interviews members of the 10th Street Residential Association who discuss their experience in preserving their historical status and their continued struggle to ensure the future of their neighborhood, settled more than a century ago by freed slaves.

The neighborhood group has filed a lawsuit against the City of Dallas, asserting that “[t]he City of Dallas’s policies and practices have racially segregated the Tenth Street neighborhood for many decades.” Over the last 100 years, neighborhood leaders say, the city has redlined the neighborhood which deterred investment and stunted the neighborhood from thriving. The City has also neglected to provide infrastructure and rehabilitation of historic structures in the neighborhood as it has other historic districts in predominantly white areas.

What’s worse, the residents say, is that city officials have used the disinvestment as a reason to demolish historic structures and attract developers that might not be willing to retain the neighborhood’s character and legacy.

Listen to episode 7 here, featuring guests and long-time 10th Street residents Patricia Cox and Shaun Montgomery. We also interview their legal team from Legal Aid of Northwest Texas, attorney Jorge Jasso and paralegals Rosetta Jackson and Evelyn Mayo.

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