Podcast episode 10: Inside HUD’s plan that may threaten mixed-status families

In episode 10, Texas Housers breaks down the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development new proposed rule to evict tenants from subsidized housing if they are immigrants without legal status. Experts and advocates say this policy would evict more than 55,000 children and their families.

Currently, it is the law that no immigrant without legal status is eligible for housing subsidies. However, immigrants without documentation may live with family members who are eligible, but the family’s subsidy is reduced and the ineligible tenant must pay their full share of rent while others in the household are subsidized.

According to HUD’s own analysis, if this rule is adopted, it would not save the agency any money and would not increase the supply of housing for U.S. citizens. Read the analysis here.

Christina and John interview Mike Gerber and Michael Roth of the Housing Authority of the City of Austin about how the rule could affect their operations, and Elizabeth Almanza of American Gateways who explains how this proposal could have a chilling effect on immigrant communities. 

Listen to episode 10 here.