Podcast Episode 13: Where do the 2020 presidential candidates stand on housing?

On the season 1 finale of our podcast, A Little Louder, Texas Housers co-director John Henneberger and I review what every presidential candidate has said (so far) about their stances on housing.

With more than two dozen candidates vying for national attention and support, there’s a spectrum of stances on housing policy – ranging from limiting housing subsidies to citizens, subsidizing construction of new housing to providing renter tax credits and baby bonds to boost homeownership.

For the first time in decades, multiple candidates are discussing fair housing issues, including local zoning practices that perpetuate segregation and addressing the racial wealth gap created in part by redlining practices decades ago.

As Texas Housers is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization, John and I won’t give you our opinion or favor any candidate over the other. However, Texas Housers is glad to see housing issues being discussed with the rigor and passion in a presidential election. Finally.

Much of the information in the show has been compiled with the help of the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s tracker available on their voter engagement website, Our Homes, Our Votes, as well as various statements from the candidates in the news, posts from the candidates on social media and their websites.

To take a listen, you can find episode 13 here or wherever you listen to podcasts.