Texas Housers presents the Tenant view of Houston’s segregation of Project Based Section 8 Housing in latest report

Texas Housers is exploring the issues of HUD-subsidized housing from the perspective of the tenants. In Part 1 of a three-part investigation, we inspected location and condition of this housing and the differences across Houston in how it is distributed. Our data demonstrated that there are two lived experiences in Houston regarding HUD-subsidized housing, one good and one poor, and they are largely deliniated by race.

Part 2 of our investigation gives a narrative viewpoint directly from the tenants. While the previous report produced ratings and scores that showed why these neighborhoods underserve their residents, this report is dedicated to how that happens. This report gives voice to residents of these neighborhoods, in addition the perspective of organizers who work there, and public health experts who analyze them.

In our report, “Project Based Section 8 Housing in Houston and The Woodlands — The Tenant View: Fighting for dignity in an unequal housing system,” these tenants and experts add the human view of what we should no longer accept. Houston’s Project Based Section 8 housing is segregated and offers an unequal life to residents who deserve the same help.

Read our report below: