‘Unsafe. Unsanitary. Unequal.’ is a digital experience from Texas Housers detailing segregation in Houston’s Project-Based Section 8 Housing

In 2019, Texas Housers spent the entire year documenting the disadvantages for Black tenants in HUD-subsidized, Project-Based Section 8 Rental Assistance housing in Houston. We published our first report in August, following with Part 2 in October. Today, we release both Part 3, which serves as the conclusion of our findings and offers recommendations on what needs to be done to fix these issues. But we also are unveiling a digital experience called ‘Unsafe. Unsanitary. Unequal.‘ which synopsizes all reports in a visual collection of graphs and data coupled with video testimoninals from the tenants themselves. 

Detailed reports that relay the inequities that exist in this housing are important, but few things are more powerful than seeing and hearing the realities of life in substandard housing from the people experiencing it first hand. Our goal with ‘Unsafe. Unsanitary. Unequal.’ is to visually broadcast and demonstrate the very stark differences between Black residents and white residents in HUD-subsidized housing in Houston. The status quo is not working, and the residents themselves are ready to tell you exactly how it fails their families.

You can view ‘Unsafe. Unsanitary. Unequal.’ below or see it on Storymap.

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